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Here’s looking at you

heres looking at you

All manna of things

all manna of things. illustration

We come from outer space

we come from outer space. drawing

Alan’s little art books

I’ve just started a Kickstarter campaign.

My plan if successful is to start a subscription service .

Where every month for £3 (including worldwide postage) you will receive a small booklet of drawings, prints, doodles, comics and other things I most likely haven’t even thought of yet.

alans little art books. kickstarter

If you like the idea of that sort of thing.
Please visit the page here

Ends 29th May

After a long day

daddys home illustration

At home today

at home today illustration


musophobia illustration

Based on a very true story

Around town

ariund town 1 linocut around town 2 linocut around town 3 linocut

Once Upon A Time

once upon a time poster

Delivery Man

Delivery Man comic